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We all experienced that Hidemyass as one of the best software for the sector of VPN Services industries.Year by year Hidemyass growing strongly with regular updates of server. Hidemyass has touched and got unbeatable position.

Here are server updates of Hidemyass

Hidemyass server 2014 to 2017

July 2014 – Hidemyass server – 638 servers
June 2017 – hidemyass server – 790+ servers

Hidemyass dedicated to provide faster connection and huge range to access for everyone favorite website. Hidemyass have 790+ server in more than 310+ different location in 190+ countries worldover with 41000+ IP address so that their clients can get worlds best and fastset connection to enjoy non-interrupeted web surfing. So do not miss the chance to get Hidemyass discount. Here you can use hidemyass coupon to enjoy and do some money saving.

2017 Top wordpress webinar plugin

Do you have endless query about your wordpress business site ?

How to track sales ?

How can I reply every time emails ?

What to do with Frequently asked question ?

And what about live chat support ?

How to customize my web page ?

So here is your answer WEBINARIGNITION

Behind Webinarignition, the person himself a world renowned wordpress developer Mark Thomspson, whose team has done great work to provide unbeatable WordPress Webinar Plugin features for wordpress site.

Features that Webinar Ignition has :-

1-Highly customized templates
2-Familiar with Social sites
3-Well managed Question Answer System
4-Many more advance technology

How To Protect E-mail Accounts & Bank Transactions ?


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We keep our most important details privately in our email accounts such as financial details, relationship details, important information, images which we don’t want to make public. Now a days every developed country provides free wi-fi internet with the help of government organization or through private sector (major ISP giants) for their citizens. It’s a welfare initiative but it should be use for knowledge, surfing for entertainment, for navigation to find hospitals, hotels, for tourism.

Safe and Secure Email and Financial Details

  1. Do not use free and public wi-fi internet.lockED
  2. Do not use internet cafes.
  3. Use Two-Factor Authentication for email accounts.
  4. Use VPN Service Hidemyass to provide protection layer.
  5. Use strong PASSWORD for emails, banking procedures and Social Media.


October 2015
United state of America celebrating this October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Hidemyass discount coupon 2015


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A decade is enough time duration to build powerful an internet business, a company just like Hidemyass!. Jack Cator, The Master of HMA has been doing exceedingly awesome work from the age of 16 with including the worldwide ideal teammates one hundred plus best head.

What is actually Hidemyass?

Hidemyass principal moto to facilitate their clients by offering direct access
to favorite web-page while they are away from home and perhaps allow access to restricted offshore web pages. HMA delivers 100 % security from hacker even when you use public areas wi-fi connection, when you go on outing or on a break international destinations with your family having fun on beaches, resorts. Hidemyass! give you a deep safeguard from attacks of malware to their digital devices like desktop pc, laptop, smartphones, tablets etc. They give safegaurd to their clients information that is personal, datas, bank information and identities.

Upcoming and Achievements

As declared recently by Hidemyass COO, Danvers Baillieu, Hidemyass will cover whole world with their VPN servers by this calendar year-end. So that HMA customers from round the entire world will be able to enjoy the service smoothly. Early this current year the organization has released its new services Hidemyphone!, hidemyphone1

its an app, which consist of numerous options, comes with like Private phone number, International number, more than one number, free anonymous instant messaging. Four weeks before Hidemyass has integrated with worlds best internet security provider AVG Technology. HMA’s Jack has told that this teaming between HMA and AVG will give encourage to HMA’s dream to be a worlds largest and best VPN service provider. Through this journey of decade the company HMA receives numerous impressive testimonials from Internet Big Business Houses like FORBES, Yahoo and more. Trustpilot.com has given 8.2 out of 10 to Hidemyass.com. Trustpilot gives you rates on the basis of genuine customer reviews. According to The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100
league table – Hidemyass ranked 9th place as one of the fastest developing tech company in the year 2014 in Britain.

So undoubtedly subscribe Hidemyass! to surf internet with essential safety. To enjoy hidemyass discount use hidemyass coupon and have fun with the worlds best quality and future biggest VPN services.

Hidemyass Managment

Jack Cator
Founder and CEO

Danvers Baillieu
(Cheif Operating Officer)
Since 2012

Vilaliy Dee Sydorovych
Since 2010

Hidemyass teaming with AVG Technology

Hidemyass teaming with AVG Technology

Big news for who want to secure them from online threats. Hidemyass proudly announced about teaming between world famous Internet security System AVG Technology and Hidemyass!.

AVG Technology

In the industry, AVG well known as a world class online security provider. It has over 200 million users globally . Their best products and services shows how much AVG technology committed towards their users and customers to provide them genuinely secure atmosphere .The AVG company reached a respectful position in Online Security Industry.


One of the top in list of VPN service provider in he world. Hidemyass now has an experience of a decade.Day and night working excellent team of 100 plus. Million and millions of active users over the world. Almost covers the world with their VPN servers which are situated at different countries and different locations.

So don’t waste your valuable datas, logs, make secure yourself by buying Hma, to get Hidemyass discount use hidemyass coupon. This teaming between HMA and AVG will help Hidemyass improve more and provide chance to access to the expertise.

Server Updates on Hidemyass! VPN Network

Hidemyass Server Updates Between Year 2014 to 2015

Hidemyass team has come out with another server update. World top rated VPN Network Hidemyass team works 24×7 to keep the standard of its top quality intact as it performed from the beggining of the establishment.

Here we will take a look on the performances and updates made by team Hidemyass during the period of January 2014 to January 2015.

Most of the time we saw when the demands increase than prices also rises. But here in Hidemyass they never rise their prices and maintained the costing level for everyone who want to use VPN services or products.

Hidemyass Server Updates Between January 2014 to January 2015

20 January 2014 – Server:28 IPs:4661 Countries:13
14 March    2014 – Server:33 IPs:4593 Countries:3
11 April 2014 – Server:19 IPs:2949 Countries:4
22 May 2014 – Server:28 IPs:3732 Countries:6
20 June 2014 – Server:16 IPs:2511 Countries:4
16 July 2014 – Server:17 IPs:2628 Countries:2
21 Agust 2014 – Server:20 IPs:3228 Countries:15
31 October 2014 – Server:26 IPs:4624 Countries:10
1 October 2014 – Server:16 IPs:3142 Countries:9
14 November 2014 – Server:20 IPs:2611 Countries:19
26 December 2014 – Server:29 IPs:4073 Countries:13
19 January 2015 – Server:14 IPs:2125 Countries:11

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Christmas Sale on Hidemyass!


SALE is already on high mode all over the world. Get on the floor
of Hidemyass! to save your hard earnings and savings.

As you know the offer running from 2nd of this December with full of festive mode will continue till 5th of January 2015, So rush and grab the opportunity.




With Christmas
With Holiday and Vacation
With Year End Party
With Welcome New Year 2015

With Special offer of worlds biggest VPN Network Hidemyass!

Whole world celebrates the month of December as holistic and full of festiveness.At HMA! they are celebrating with nail biting offer of 57% off on
Hidemyass Subscription for a whole year. so don’t miss the chance to get awesome offer.

As per my views December month made just to make fun Holiday and
executing a vacation plan with your family and loved ones and common friend.Decades ago when we go for vacation or on long trips, we had connect with our loved once, friend on telephone ..mostly public telephone booths or greeting cards and by sending post cards.

Now a days we all live our life with Gadgets Smartphones Laptops, Ipads Tablets even while we are traveling or enjoying beach resort vacation or having sip of hot coffee at cool sunny morning beach.


Checking updates on twitter, facebook Instagram or making payment online which were due before coming to vacation or planing before any long trip.

So don’t get hurt yourself while using public Wi-Fi connection on vacation use Hidemyass VPN service. To get discount on purchase of Hidemyass use hidemyass discount coupon. Here at Hidemyass they have their own Servers around the world. 128 countries already covered by their Hidemyass VPN network.

Don’t give chance anyone to keep eye on your internet activities.

Can I use Hidemyass VPN on my Blackberry ?

These days safety is a major factor for us while
we are walking, talking surfing internet. We know
how to use VPN on our computers but for
mobile like Blackberry the trick is little different.
Here directly Blackberry doesn’t come to front.
Just because of Blackberry don’t allow to use
VPN directly.
Here we can setup our hotspot with help
of “Connectify” software and this simply allow us to
share a Hidemyass VPN connection from our computer to
any wi-fi device like Blackberry.
Hidemyass available with dicount price use Hidemyass discount coupon.

Setup VPN for “Blackberry”

I) Download “Connectify” and install.
II) Setup a manual PPTP connection or L2TP connection.
III) Reboot windows
IV) Run Connectify
V) Add an 8 digit password
VI) Select the VPN connection created under “Internet”
VII) In “Advanced” select computers wireless adapter in “Share over”
VIII) As “Sharing Mode” use “Wi-Fi Access Point”, Encrypted WPA2
IX) Click “Start Hotspot”.

See How Easily You Can get Hidemyass discount

Hidemyass discount coupon

Hidemyass has done regularly huge server update.

Hidemyass discount

Hidemyass discount

Since their last update.They have added 16 server, 3142 IPs,9 Countries, and 1 new Virtual location to the Hidemyass Vpn Network.

So grab this opportunity to avail world class VPN services.
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Use on all Device

all-deviceHidemyass VPN software work on all devices. All in one. You have to just pay for one. HMA works including internet enabled TVs and games consoles. It can use on two devices at the same time.



Hidemyass VPN service allow user to use the web like a private network and can get
high security and a VIP access to blocked




Video you like watch

Hma video


Its bypass online blocks to access foreign
content like a local. Its bypass censorship
of sites like Facebook, Gmail and Youtube.



Enjoy the Privacy and Non-stop Online

Hidemyass conceal personal data and IP address
online. Secure datas from snooping.Access block
content worldwide and get total privacy online
with the top rated Hidemyass PVN service.