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We keep our most important details privately in our email accounts such as financial details, relationship details, important information, images which we don’t want to make public. Now a days every developed country provides free wi-fi internet with the help of government organization or through private sector (major ISP giants) for their citizens. It’s a welfare initiative but it should be use for knowledge, surfing for entertainment, for navigation to find hospitals, hotels, for tourism.

Safe and Secure Email and Financial Details

  1. Do not use free and public wi-fi internet.lockED
  2. Do not use internet cafes.
  3. Use Two-Factor Authentication for email accounts.
  4. Use VPN Service Hidemyass to provide protection layer.
  5. Use strong PASSWORD for emails, banking procedures and Social Media.


October 2015
United state of America celebrating this October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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