August 2014 – Hidemyass coupon update

Hidemyass team has done another update to their VPN network with:-

After this new update, Hidemyass once more proved itself
as a leading world class VPN service provider. Without any compromise
on quality they have reach to these number. Now Hidemyass has 673 servers 189 locations 91 countries and offering 85,137 IPs.

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Hidemyass pro discount coupon 2014

Their hard work or luck or something else

Hard work or luck i don’t know what they have
But these guyz are every time come with more and more.
Hidemyass team this time came with another up-gradation on their vpn network.

Recently they(Hidemyass) had update with :-

Virtual Location–2

Canada, Toronto – Virtual USA (Loc 1 Servers 1 – 2) (250 IPs) (New Virtual Location)
USA, Kentucky, Louisville (Loc 1 Servers 1- 2) (248 IPs) (New Location))
Hong Kong, Shatin (Loc 1 Server 2) (58 IPs)
Israel, Petah Tikva (124 IPs) (New Location)
USA, Iowa, Des Moines (Loc 1 Servers 1 – 2) (248 IPs) (New Location)
South Africa, Johannesburg – Virtual USA (128 IPs) (New Virtual Location)
Greece, Athens (Loc 2 Server 1) (252 IPs)
Malta, Cospicua (252 IPs) (New Country)
Spain, Barcelona (Loc 1 Server 2) (125 IPs)
UK, London (Loc 2 Servers 3 – 4) (498 IPs)
Sweden, Stockholm, Nacka (Loc 1 Server 14) (127 IPs)
Russia, Saint Petersburg (65 IPs) (New Location)
Seychelles, Victoria (253 IPs) (New Country)

And now Hidemyass team ask for your choice of location around the world it shows their confidence.
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Do you want to watch Fifa World Cup 2014 online ?

Watch Fifa world cup 2014 with Hidemyass

After 50 hours world going to celebrate the beautiful and most lovable
full of excitement game which will start on thursday,”Fifa World Cup 2014″.
Actually being a human you cannot resist to vibe with football fever.
It is inherent in a human dna, a unborn baby stats to develop football skills
in its mother stomach by its small and soft kicks.

This time players, coaches, managers, teams ..countries taking their game to a
different level i am super excited to watch every match, thanks to Hidemyass, it will
allow me to watch those matches which are barred by official fifa for different countries
to watch other than their match online. And online streams are not work up to the mark,
their quality will destroy the excitement of this energetic game, except official fifa website.
The quality of broadcasting is extremely high by the Fifa. three cheers to Hidemyass.
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Hidemyass discount 2014

Hidemyass Android App.

Hidemyass successfully launched their Hidemyass pro VPN Android App.,
this Hidemyass Android App provide the best VPN service for Android phones
or for tablets. Through this App. you can access to the biggest server network.
You can manage to get Hidemyass discount and raise the high level experience
of most desired VPN service in the world.

Hidemyass New Server

HidemyassHMA-android another major update on server, they have added 28 new server
with 3742 Ip addresses, new 6 countries and 3 new virtual location the for
Hidemyass! VPN networks

Hidemyass New Countries

United Arab Emirates

Transition of communication to safe communication

Earlier changes came to our life

Cell Phone

Now safe Internet

In past century general asked question were..
What is your telephone number?
Than it came like -wats your mobile number?
After that a major change came and changed the idea of communication.
“INTERNET” people ask for email. And by the time in our life internet is became necessity.

But the question arise that…..
are we safe?
can someone steal our valuable data?
can someone take our personal and private data?
or some one keeping eyes on us ?
Its a survey says that around the world secret data, valuable data, personal and private details are running throughout internet as heir-less.VPN services are playing a role of great safeguard in the internet world.Taking care of small business or millionaire business or about private life.The Leading VPN service provider Hidemyass keeps the level of high quality intact. Hidemyass team work hard for their clients those who comes around the globe. The recent news coming out that this July they will able to add CANADA to the list of countries.

Hidemyass – Secure and Potential to deliver

After establishing Hidemyass secure connection no one can create any vulnerability to your internet connection  and internet activities because of high quality and the wide range of availability of IPs and the numbers of server situated around the world which are almost a double within the period of one year.

Available Servers On HIDEMYASS

Year                         Server
May2013                 350+
May2014                 610+


Successes for Hidemyass right throughout this April month

Continuously unbroken the bench point of remaining Top rated VPN Provider
Provider, Hidemyass personnel operates round the clock to offer you its finest products and services.
Hidemyass included 38.27% countries around the globe with thier servers,
however eager to add more even more. It does show the effort and hardwork of organization Hidemyass. Hidemyass delivers more regions than any VPN industry.

Real excellent achievements

# Inclusion Of latest server and new nations to the network.
# Battling against Heartbleed virus
# Magnificent Starting of 600th server

Brand new Servers and so New Nations around the world

# 19  Proxy Servers
# 2949 IP addresses
# 4 Brand new nations around the world a) Colombia b) Yamoussoukro c) Nairobi d) Lagos

Virtual Location:
Netherlands, Amsterdam – Virtual United States of America
Germany, Frankfurt – Virtual UK

Virtual destination can be perfect to get quicker connectivity using Hidemyass VPN services

Battle against bug

As per advisory by OpenSSL Project that Heartbleed virus will make hares to the internet end user and even retrive particulars from encrypted SSL endpoints. Hidemyass have taken all the major methods to protect their customers and make assured that not at all possibility will take place as well as Hidemyass customers won’t  get being affected by the bug.

600th Server

Their best time to do party for Hidemyass organizationserver
Establishment of 600th server by itself a breakthrough achievement nowadays Hidemyass client is able to use 74,000 IP addresses in 151 totally different cities from 75 alternative nations around the world.

Battle between “good and bad”

Year 2014  for to be conscious and aware

Protect yourself from this chaotic  which Heartbleed bug created a real spooky
situation in the internet world.

Let me tell you some thing which is universally true that in battle between
the “good and bad”, good always win, so don’t worry. Its just a bad bug.
Precaution is better than cure so don’t wait for any thing wrong to be happen,
and you got to loose your valuable things, just secure your self.

From 1st week of this April month this bug came under the scanner and
OpenSSL has advised about this vulnerability. Hidemyass team always
make sure that their clients wont get affect this kind of any theft.
Hidemyass already taken strong steps for protection of your internet
safety and using Hidemyass discount you can protect your money pocket.


Top Features of Hidemyass



Anonymously secure your internet connection and encrypt your sensitive web traffic from anarchy.


Free web proxy

webpSurf websites anonymously, just hide your online identity and internet history. Their free proxy works from inside of your web browser.


IP:PORT proxy lists


Worlds best and largest database of public open proxies, updated round the clock with an up to the minute auto-updatable checking system

Anonymous email

emailReceive emails anonymously, especially useful for when websites or persons you do not trust or you dont know ask for your email address.

Privacy software

Protect your online privacy with free software, tools and browser extensions.


File upload

foSafe and Securely upload large files with advanced privacy features, ensuring you control who can and can’t download your files.


Anonymous referrer

arHide your website address from being shown as a referrer when linking to third-party websites.

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Truth of existence

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American Red Cross

redcrossDisaster Relief

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Support Military Families

Red cross support military members and their families for cope up with the
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Blood Donation

Donating blood is a kind of donating a new life.
American Red Cross the single supplier of blood and blood products in the U.S.
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Health and safety Services

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International Services
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VPN Market Leader HideMyAss Pro

HideMyAss was founded in the year 2005 by expertise of United Kingdom. It has been almost a decade that  HideMyAss provides its user friendly best VPN service with high performance. With the help of worlds best team HideMyAss working in this competitive VPN service world to be in the top. HideMyAss gives the best environment to be safe and secure.

I like this software just because of its non-technicality, which means it doesn’t need to be technically smart. Its very easy to use at the user end.

Let me tell you some especial efficacy of HideMyAss Pro.

# It hide your Ip behind its 70,000 IP address from 65 countries around the world.

# It support every platform of computing like PC, Mac, Phone and Tablets etc

vpn HideMyAss pro

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